Black and White Party Ideas to Help You Create a Dazzlin’ Good Time!

A Black and White Party theme requires that everything be black, white, or both, with perhaps a touch of silver. This includes invitations, decorations, costumes, and even your cakes and various food items.

A Black and White party comes to mind as we move towards the end of the year. People tend to think about hosting parties, getting dressed up with glitz and glam, and ringing in the New Year. As such, this is a perfect party choice to consider. However, don’t think for a minute that it doesn’t adapt well to a birthday celebration or for a “just because” kind of a party, as it most certainly does!

INVITATIONS – Your invitations should be of good quality and can be either white or black. The printing would then be done in the opposite color to the color of the invites. Additionally, one could tie a satin bow to the card for an added touch. The color of the bow should be opposite in color to that of the card.

The invite should be very clear that guests must dress in the appropriate colors, and if you dare to say, otherwise they will not be permitted into the party. If you want to be nice and as an emergency backup, one could have some spare clothing on hand for those who arrive in colors that are not permitted on the premises. Furthermore, your invitation should specify whether the dress is formal, informal, or costumes. Generally, parties of this nature are more often than not as they are patterned after Truman Capote’s famous black and white ball.

DRESS CODE – In order for your party to truly be a success, your guests must adhere to a strict dress code, which requires they only wear costumes or formal clothing in your party colors. The impact of the monochromatic color scheme will otherwise be lost.

PARTY DECOR – Aside from clothing, to keep your theme as authentic as possible, the entire decor needs to be black and white as well. Whether you are thinking of plates, napkins, streamers, centerpieces, balloons, foil curtains; they all must be in one or all three of the colors. Keep the dramatic alive by not allowing any other color to gain entrance into your party room. If you’re on a bit of a budget, a newspaper can go a long way to transforming a room, let it become instant wallpaper.

PARTY FOOD – This is probably going to be your greatest challenge trying to come up with foods that are appropriate in color. Good Luck! In the meantime, here’s a few options to consider to help get your brainstorm session into gear. Chicken Alfredo is not only yummmmy, but also falls within your color scheme. Pots of black and/or white beans and crackers could be main dishes or dips. You could also serve Oreos, olives, or rye, white, and marble breads with cream cheese filling.

Although planning and executing this type of party requires a little more effort, creativity, and ingenuity, it is such a fun party and lends itself nicely to incorporating fun theme-related activities. For example, as your guests arrive you could give them each a pair of sunglasses in one of your three colors or all black. Photos of everyone dressed to the hilt, sporting a pair of sunglasses is always a great memento of this fabulous party. Have fun and enjoy being creative as you orchestrate your celebration!

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