Homemade Baby Shower Decorations: Use Baby Shower Decorations to Create a Party Theme

Decorating a baby shower can take up quite a bit of the party budget, so it pays to explore homemade baby shower decorations as an option to ensure the best bang for your buck. Go online and research craft sites to see what options are viable for your baby shower. Great decorations will help give your party a fun feeling.

Homemade baby shower decorations can be as easy or elaborate as you wish to make them. Making them by hand will also make it simpler for you to fit them to match the expecting couple’s likes and personality. Be sure to get their input before you start crafting the decoration so that the baby shower theme will reflect their interests.

Baby Shower Decoration Set Up

Once you know what mom-to-be likes, you can determine the theme of the baby shower. If she wants a traditional party with decorations such as china and silver, your homemade baby shower decorations can be tailored to reflect this by utilizing materials such as lace.

Given that an emerging trend in baby showers is using popular cartoon characters as the party theme, your handicrafts might depict the cartoon character that you choose. Homemade baby shower decorations can easily be complimented by store bought items that are available at affordable party stores.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Making your own baby shower decorations are a great way to throw a wonderful party while still keeping a reasonable budget. They’re also a great way to hone your artistic skills while showing off your creative talents. Let your imagination run wild.

Your homemade baby shower decorations should be kept relatively simple so that they best accentuate the theme without drawing too much attention to themselves. Handcrafted floral arrangements complimented with a variety of toys as decorations can help create a cozy space and relaxed atmosphere for friends and family.

A larger baby shower would require additional decorations. You can increase the number of flowers, wall hangings and toys to accommodate the larger spaces required to host additional guests. The additional toys and decorations can be gifted to the expecting couple or given as small souvenirs to your guests. You can also use these handcrafted decorations for future baby showers or children’s parties.

Baby Shower Decorations That Cost Less

Homemade baby shower decorations let you utilize traditional party items in unique and new ways. Balloons can be used to create a colorful focal point for the table or spindled together and attached to the ceiling. You can also use them to decorate your baby shower by tying them to baby items such as bottles, pacifiers or rattles.

Utilizing a variety of baby items that mom-to-be will need once the party is over is another way to have an affordable baby shower that still has great decorations. For example, you could arrange diapers into a classic ‘diaper cake’ or turn a baby bath tub into an improvised drink holder once you fill it with ice. Bassinets are useful and make convenient containers for gifts brought by those who attend the baby shower. Liven them up with additional ribbons or balloons.

One unique idea is to make a chandelier from an umbrella by hanging it upside down and then tying colorful streamers to it. This also makes a great post-party gift for mom-to-be.

When trying to keep within a party budget, handcrafting the decorations for your baby shower are not only cost-effective, but a great way for you to show off your creative side.

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