How to Host a Spa Party

A ‘spa party’ as the name indicates, is meant to be a relaxing fun time where you pamper yourself and your friends, and is not meant to stress you out. So your spa party begins long before the actual event, during the planning stages. Don’t fret or stress yourself out.

To host a spa party, a few simple steps have to be followed.

Spa at Home Option

a. Send out a lovely invite. Email invites are fine, but ensure that you use a bit of creativity and make the ecard say graphically what the spa party will be like. Follow up the invitation with a follow up email or gentle reminder. If you want to make it really casual, you can ask your friends to bring some manicure, pedicure sets and maybe a few bottles of nail polish. Now comes the fun part! You need to go shopping to buy the stuff you need to host a spa party. You could find all the stuff you need in a grocery store near your house.
b. Scout around for the services of a professional masseuse and book his/ her time in advance. Your friends can enjoy simple foot massages or lie down and get a full body massage.
c. On the day of the party, create the mood, with lights, music and if possible, aromatic candles. Aromatic candles emit calming scents and will set the mood right. Soft music will calm sore nerves.
d. Fresh flowers in vases, magazines, and some snacks will give the right touch of casual, and yet professional party spa party appearance.
e. Along with the massage room, you can create small alcoves for your friends to get a pedicure or a manicure. While you can hire the services of a couple of beauticians, the fun way is to give each other a pedicure or a manicure. Hosting a spa party is sure to be fun!
f. Your spa meals should be health snacks with loads of hydration. Herbal teas with flavors like chamomile, lavender, and lemon grass are great to sip on while the flowers and the candle’s diffuse the room with their fragrance. Finally, the music and the dim light will make your friends wonder if they have died and gone to spa heaven.

How to Host a Spa Party in a Spa Resort

Since you will be spending money on hosting this party, ensure that your friends RSVP their attendance.
Take a guess on all the spa treatments your friends would enjoy. Make appointments for them. Ensure to get a good package with discounts since this is a large booking.
Give the spa people instructions on the mood you would like them to create, i.e., aromatic candles, flowers, music etc. Teach them the principles on how to host a spa party.
If the spa can provide herbal tea and refreshments, it would add the final touch of a special party.

Finally, giving your friends small gifts which they can take back with them will earn you the goodwill and credential as a wonderful party thrower. Enjoy!

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