Movie Star Party

Imagine what would be the fun of a kid when he gets to enlighten that all guest would be acting in a movie. Superb and Amazing! Not only kids, even the grown-ups have dreamt of starring in a movie. So why you delay, make this party, a stage of actors and actress. So get started with the exclusive, incredible, exciting yet relished party of its kind.

Invitations for the Stars

Let the invitation be a Contract, a contract made for the talented and gorgeous ones around. The Movie party theme can include occasion for autographs, movie games and delicious treats. Remember; invite them to come dressed as their favourite hero or heroine. In the contract you can mention the family name as the Production Company, the name of the birthday kid as the star and the visitors as co-stars. Hey and please don’t forget to sign the contact.

Decorations for the Stardom

Director’s Chair, Scene Slate, Megaphone, Light and Camera cut outs can very well decorate a Movie Star Party. Old movie posters, hydrogen balloons, foil stars, sparkling garlands, and can be an added d├ęcor to the party stage. Red Carpet entrance would highlight the show.

Games and Activities

‘Beauty Salon’ with accessories and make-up kits and samples is appreciable. Oscar paper dolls presentation, each guest win a ‘Oscar’ and a free photo sessions. Guest can be tagged at their backs with the name of any famous actors. Labelling each ‘star’ in golden letters can also be made. The bloopers are sure to make the guest memorizing.

Food and Cakes

Cakes and food can be made with silver linings which would look like a gazebo. Black glitter candles can also enlighten the show. Any movie set will be filled with lots of food and snacks. Likewise the movie party we celebrate is to be filled with good foods and snacks. It can include Gummy Bears, fruit slices, nuts, chips, dips and many more to blow the minds of the visitors.

Costume to bash the show

Any theme party should include the best outfits possible. The invitations for the movie theme party already specify the costume suggestions of favourite heroes and heroine. High heeled shows, glittering ornaments and beauty outfits will make the guests to cherish the parties in their memories even after many days later. Brad Pit, Angelina Jolie or a Jim Carry is sure to take the attention of the gathered and to blast the show. The camera and light set for any photo sessions with the model girl, karaoke is well suggested. The guest would love seeing this fun and happening.

Awards and Certificates

The end of the party will be for awarding the entire guest with suitable awards and certifications. This will bring fun and smile on any face present there. But nobody should be left free without an award. And everyone is welcomed to deliver an acceptance speech.

Have Popcorns, Screen the Celebrations and Cherish this Movie Premier forever!

Oz Parties helps you plan a great party, if you are looking for party ideas or your kids birthday is coming up we just might have the party plan for you. Make sure you drop by for a visit.

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